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    N. Poplawski, "CLASSICAL PHYSICS: SPACETIME AND FIELDS" (2009, 2020) (pdf); arXiv:0911.0334 [gr-qc]. Listed in The Net Advance of Physics under General Relativity and Field Theory.

    Refereed Papers

  1. N. J. Poplawski, "A nonsingular, anisotropic universe in a black hole with torsion and particle production", General Relativity and Gravitation 53(2), 18 (2021); arXiv:2007.11556 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  2. N. Poplawski, "Gravitational collapse of a fluid with torsion into a universe in a black hole", Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 132(3), 374-380 (2021); arXiv:2008.02136 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  3. N. Poplawski, "Gravitational collapse of a fluid with torsion into a universe in a black hole", Zhurnal Eksperimental'noi i Teoreticheskoi Fiziki 159(3), 448-456 (2021) (abstract) (in Russian).
  4. N. J. Poplawski, "Phantom dark energy from scalar-torsion coupling", Modern Physics Letters A 35(40), 2050331 (2020) (abstract); arXiv:1512.09365 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  5. N. Poplawski, "Noncommutative momentum and torsional regularization", Foundations of Physics 50(9), 900-923 (2020); arXiv:1712.09997 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  6. J. L. Cubero and N. J. Poplawski, "Analysis of big bounce in Einstein-Cartan cosmology", Classical and Quantum Gravity 37(2), 025011 (2020) (abstract); arXiv:1906.11824 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  7. N. J. Poplawski, "Non-particle dark matter from Hubble parameter", European Physical Journal C 79(9), 734 (2019); arXiv:1906.03947 [physics.gen-ph] (pdf).
  8. G. Unger and N. Poplawski, "Big bounce and closed universe from spin and torsion", Astrophysical Journal 870(2), 78 (2019) (abstract); arXiv:1808.08327 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  9. N. Poplawski, "Primordial fluctuations of scale factor in closed Universe in Einstein-Cartan gravity", Modern Physics Letters A 33(40), 1850236 (2018) (abstract); arXiv:1612.06292 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  10. N. Poplawski, "The simplest origin of the big bounce and inflation", International Journal of Modern Physics D 27(14), 1847020 (2018) (abstract); arXiv:1801.08076 [physics.pop-ph] (pdf). Selected for Honorable Mention in Awards for Essays on Gravitation for 2018 by Gravity Research Foundation.
  11. N. Poplawski, "Universe in a black hole in Einstein-Cartan gravity", Astrophysical Journal 832(2), 96 (2016) (abstract); arXiv:1410.3881 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  12. S. Desai and N. J. Poplawski, "Non-parametric reconstruction of an inflaton potential from Einstein-Cartan-Sciama-Kibble gravity with particle production", Physics Letters B 755, 183-189 (2016) (abstract); arXiv:1510.08834 [astro-ph.CO] (pdf).
  13. N. J. Poplawski, "The energy and momentum of the Universe", Classical and Quantum Gravity 31(6), 065005 (2014) (abstract); arXiv:1305.6977 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  14. N. Poplawski, "Schwinger's variational principle in Einstein-Cartan gravity", Physical Review D 89(2), 027501 (2014) (abstract); arXiv:1310.8014 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  15. N. Poplawski, "Affine theory of gravitation", General Relativity and Gravitation 46(1), 1625 (2014); arXiv:1203.0294 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  16. N. J. Poplawski, "Cosmological consequences of gravity with spin and torsion", Astronomical Review 8(3), 108-115 (2013) (abstract); arXiv:1106.4859 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  17. N. Poplawski, "Nonsingular, big-bounce cosmology from spinor-torsion coupling", Physical Review D 85(10), 107502 (2012) (abstract); arXiv:1111.4595 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  18. N. J. Poplawski, "Big bounce from spin and torsion", General Relativity and Gravitation 44(4), 1007-1014 (2012); arXiv:1105.6127 [astro-ph.CO] (pdf).
  19. N. J. Poplawski, "Four-fermion interaction from torsion as dark energy", General Relativity and Gravitation 44(2), 491-499 (2012); arXiv:1102.5667 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  20. N. J. Poplawski, "Matter-antimatter asymmetry and dark matter from torsion", Physical Review D 83(8), 084033 (2011) (abstract); arXiv:1101.4012 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  21. N. J. Poplawski, "Cosmological constant from quarks and torsion", Annalen der Physik (Berlin) 523(4), 291-295 (2011) (abstract); arXiv:1005.0893 [gr-qc] (pdf).
  22. N. J. Poplawski, "Cosmology with torsion: An alternative to cosmic inflation", Physics Letters B 694(3), 181-185 (2010) (abstract); Physics Letters B 701(5), 672 (2011) (erratum); arXiv:1007.0587 [astro-ph.CO] (pdf).
  23. N. J. Poplawski, "Nonsingular Dirac particles in spacetime with torsion", Physics Letters B 690(1), 73-77 (2010) (abstract); Physics Letters B 727(4-5), 575 (2013) (erratum); arXiv:0910.1181 [gr-qc] (pdf).
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  32. N. J. Poplawski, "The Maxwell Lagrangian in purely affine gravity", International Journal of Modern Physics A 23(3-4), 567-579 (2008) (abstract); arXiv:gr-qc/0702129 (pdf).
  33. N. J. Poplawski, "Massive vectors from projective invariance breaking", Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie (France) 32(2-3), 335-353 (2007) (abstract), in Special issue on torsion, ed. V. Dvoeglazov; arXiv:0709.3652 [gr-qc] (pdf).
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  41. N. J. Poplawski, "Acceleration of the universe in the Einstein frame of a metric-affine f(R) gravity", Classical and Quantum Gravity 23(6), 2011-2020 (2006) (abstract); arXiv:gr-qc/0510007 (pdf).

    Conference Proceedings

  42. N. Poplawski, "Universe in a black hole with spin and torsion", 16th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, World Scientific (2022) (abstract).

  1. F. R. B. Guedes and N. J. Poplawski, "General-relativistic pilot-wave quantum mechanics" (2022) (pdf); arXiv:2211.03234 [gr-qc].
  2. N. Poplawski and M. Del Grosso, "The origin of the Born rule from spacetime averaging" (2021) (pdf); arXiv:2110.06392 [quant-ph].
  3. M. Del Grosso and N. Poplawski, "Torsional regularization of self-energy and bare mass of electron" (2021) (pdf); arXiv:2107.01612 [hep-th].
  4. N. Poplawski, "Relativistic wave-particle duality for spinors" (2021) (pdf); arXiv:2101.04212 [gr-qc].
  5. N. J. Poplawski, "Black Hole Genesis and origin of cosmic acceleration" (2019) (pdf); arXiv:1912.02173 [gr-qc].
  6. N. Poplawski, "Black Hole Genesis and origin of inertia" (2019) (pdf); arXiv:1910.10819 [physics.pop-ph].
  7. N. Poplawski, "Invariant temperature of a moving body" (2019) (pdf); arXiv:1902.05536 [physics.class-ph].
  8. N. Poplawski, "Torsional regularization of vertex function" (2018) (pdf); arXiv:1807.07068 [hep-th].
  9. N. Poplawski, "Intrinsic spin requires gravity with torsion and curvature" (2013) (pdf); arXiv:1304.0047 [gr-qc].
  10. N. Poplawski, "Gravity with spin excludes fermionic strings" (2012) (pdf); arXiv:1209.5772 [hep-th].
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  23. N. J. Poplawski, "A unified, purely affine theory of gravitation and electromagnetism" (2007) (pdf); arXiv:0705.0351 [gr-qc].
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  25. N. J. Poplawski, "Gauge invariance and massive torsionic scalar field" (2006) (pdf); arXiv:gr-qc/0604125.


    Refereed Papers

  1. N. J. Poplawski, A. P. Szczepaniak, and J. T. Londergan, "Final state interactions in decays of the exotic pi1 meson", Physical Review D 71(5), 056003 (2005) (abstract); arXiv:hep-ph/0501035 (pdf).
  2. N. J. Poplawski, A. P. Szczepaniak, and J. T. Londergan, "Towards a relativistic description of exotic meson decays", Physical Review D 71(1), 016004 (2005) (abstract); arXiv:hep-ph/0408197 (pdf).

    Conference Proceedings

  3. N. Poplawski, "A relativistic description of hadronic decays of the meson pi1", AIP Conference Proceedings 717, 456-461 (2004) (abstract); arXiv:hep-ph/0507239 (pdf).

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